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We create visually stimulating surroundings

Jo Laurie Design is a multidisciplinary design consulting firm specializing in architectural interiors for high end residential, hospitality, and commercial clients. Our consulting services range from conceptual design to bid/permit drawing production, and construction administration services including procurement / oversight / close-out. We pride ourselves in supporting client's to establish and confirm their project goals and needs,artistically and practically. Throughout the project lifecycle we strive to ensure project goals and delivery are satisfied with our team of experienced project management professionals and procedures.

Jo Laurie approaches each client’s new project based on their unique needs. “We do not adopt a standard formula to design, and we are in tune with the cultural zeitgeist and treat each project individually to ensure our clients’ needs are fully met”.

What we do

Residential | Commercial | Hospitality


Our approach to residential projects is geared toward reflecting a client’s personal preferences and life style. The scope of works for residential projects has varied greatly over the years. Amongst the many variables on a project, factors such as whether the client owns the property, budget and time scale all come in to play.

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Working in close harmony with clients and their management teams has resulted in all our commercial ventures being highly financially successful. From the perspective of design, it is in essence the ability to evolve and embrace the new, yet identify key design elements of the past that convey the nature of the corporate brand.

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We aim to maximize the potential of each location and relate the design concept to the desired clientele, as per the client’s brief. Each new interior is an imaginative departure from more predictable interpretations, while still respecting the functionality of the space. We do not adopt a ‘cookie cutter ‘formula to design, we are in tune with the cultural zeitgeist.

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Our projects

Take a peek at some of our featured projects.

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Hamptons House

The London Candy Company


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