We are a multi-discipline design company, our projects have ranged from corporate and hospitality to high end residential.  We are located in downtown Manhattan, New York City. Jo Laurie Design has been operating internationally for over 15 years, and has developed an extensive portfolio of award winning projects.  As interior designers we have developed an understanding of the specialized needs of our clients worldwide.

We adopt a similar approach to all of our projects, namely to create visually stimulating surroundings, that produce unique, flexible and functional environments. 

With regard to our hospitality design:  we aim to maximize the potential of each location and relate the design concept to the desired clientele, as per the client’s brief. Each new interior is an imaginative departure from more predictable interpretations, while still respecting the functionality of the space. We do not adopt a ‘cookie cutter ‘formula to design, we are in tune with the cultural zeitgeist.

When designing bars/restaurants/nightclubs we take into account that most people enter these establishments for only 1-5 hours, which enables us to push design parameters.  Hotel projects need to combine the demands and desires of the modern global traveler, so as to provide more than just a home away from home. Working in close harmony with clients and their management teams has resulted in all our commercial ventures being highly financially successful.

With our commercial projects we are very much aware of the ever changing nature of the corporate world.  From the perspective of design, it is in essence the ability to evolve and embrace the new, yet identify key design elements of the past that convey the nature of the corporate brand.

Our approach to residential projects is geared toward reflecting a client’s personal preferences and life style. The scope of works for residential projects has varied greatly over the years.  Amongst the many variables on a project, factors such as whether the client owns the property, budget and time scale all come in to play. We search widely for singular pieces and exciting sophisticated effects which reflect our client’s interests, yet introduce them to evocative new concepts. This sort of sophistication is the perfect complement to the chaotic excitement of modern lifestyles, an appropriate re-thinking of classic design concepts.

Our job to help you create your vision, at the end of the day it is your home and it needs to be your sanctuary. Our clients have as much or as little involvement in the design process and it’s execution as they choose.

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